Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Being on the First Page of Google Is Meaningless by Jody Biagini

Google Search Results

We hear it every day. ‘I want to be number one on Google.’ Of course you do. Because when your boss does a few searches and doesn’t find you there, you hear about it, right? You probably see that messaging filling your inboxes from inquiring ‘SEO’ companies that promise to ‘make it happen’. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but being on the first page of Google is pointless. This alone gets you nothing.

We need to begin thinking like marketers that want to build a successful business. Because ultimately, being on the first page of Google doesn’t bring home the bacon.

Every decision you make should be centered around your customers. What do they want from you, how can you serve them better, how do you cultivate advocacy?  You need to think about these questions and ensure that you are making every step of your customers’ experiences the best that they can be. Whether it be in your stores, your customer service, through your communication plans, or on your website.

Listen to them. Learn from them. Become a better business for them and because of them. You do this and they will repay you. They will recommend you to their friends and family. They will leave online reviews on your behalf. They will become lifetime, loyal customers.

Provide great, shareable and easily digestible content. Showcase your expertise and prove to them that they can turn to you for answers. Connect with your customers the way they want to and give them the content that they want to consume. Become their trusted source and they will repay you. They will follow you on your social channels, engage with you, share your messages with others seeking answers, and inspire you to create more content.

And guess what? If you change the way you look at success, and accomplish these things, then you are on your way to getting on the first page of Google. Didn’t see that coming, now did you?

SEO has changed. It’s no longer just about getting all of your meta data aligned and your site content optimized, but also about getting your customers involved in the conversation. Their online reviews and interactivity with your brand is essential to getting rankings. It’s also no longer about building meaningless links across hundreds of sites, but creating great content and connecting that content to relevant sources. If you don’t have that content, how do you expect to build links?

Google knows all. They understand what users want when they type in inquiries. As marketers, it is our job to show Google that we are the best company to put in front of their relevant searchers. Prove yourself by doing right by your customers’ experiences, and you will find yourself on that coveted page one of Google.

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