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Should My Business Use Facebook for Marketing? by Rebecca Caroe

A question from a client

We’ve slightly increased our activity in both Facebook and Twitter with a view to working with a calendar and becoming a bit more regular about it. I did a short course on it a little while ago and we see it as a part of a currently-being-constructed marketing strategy. Our view is that when we’ve put it together, its highly likely an outcome will be to do more social media and do it better. I think our messages are still being crafted but probably not far off.

Also, can you give us a ballpark of what the social media campaigns might look like and what sort of returns clients could expect?

Should My Business Use Facebook for Marketing? image stats

The red highlighted squares are the social sources. Note the number of pages visited (column 2). People from social tend to browse fewer pages, except Pinterest. BUT the highest visitor pages is paid advertising Google cpc (adwords) in yellow.
What this tells us
  1. Social is a great source of new website visitors
  2. You have to have awesome content on the website and simple and clear navigation so visitors can easily be drawn into other pages once you’ve got them there
  3. You have to work hard to get them to reveal email addresses and sign to a newsletter – BUT that is a real achievement.
  4. The email addresses get mailed with the newsletter weekly and these are among the highest sources of website visitor traffic (FeedBlitz is our email delivery service) and that’s 3rd on the list.
So in summary, social is complex, takes familiarity with each individual social site and diligence and patience. Social can help drive website traffic which of course helps with SEO for search engines which in itself reinforces prominence in search which drives more search.
But don’t look to social alone to drive sales – that is a strategy that is unlikely to succeed.

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