Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Smarty-Pants Ways to Collect Emails from Facebook Fans by Aaron Lee

Facebook is constantly changing.
Changing its news feed algorithm, its design, its rules, its ad units…
And you can’t blame them.
In the world of tech, you either adapt & innovate or you die.
Where does this leave businesses trying to market themselves on Facebook?
In the same position, actually — you also must adapt or die.
And more & more you must pay — ie. devote more of your budget to Facebook ads to make sure you’re reaching fans.
That’s fine — and buying Facebook ads should bring you good results if you do it right. 
But before you start pouring too much money into ads, I’d advise you to first build relationships with your fans *outside of Facebook*. That way you can insulate your business from the volatility & change mentioned above.
What’s the best way to build relationships with your fans outside of Facebook?
Simple. Create an email list & collect their emails!
In this blogpost, I’ll show you 5 clever ways to do that.

5 Smarty-Pants Ways to Collect Emails from Facebook Fans

1. Add a standard Sign-Up Form tab app

My first tip is the most basic.
Use your current email service provider (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc.) by connecting it to one of your Facebook tab apps.
Here are some tab app providers that can help you get this set up:
Use this method to promote your business’s newsletter on your Facebook page.
Here is a great example from the sassy Erika Napoletano (I love how her tabs & hair stand out).

2. Offer an Incentive

The 2nd method encourages your fans to exchange their emails in return for something valuable — like an ebook, video, white paper or infographic.
Check out how Kim Garst uses ebooks on her Facebook page to incentivize fans to share their emails.
See how she uses killer headlines to get fans to click?
You can also use your Cover Photo to promote your incentives!
For example, check out this neat trick from Melanie Duncan:
When you click on the cover image, Melanie provides a link you can click to share your email.  Awesome!
If you’re selling a product, you can also give coupons to fans in exchange for their emails.
This helps entices them to share their emails while also incentivizing them to buy your products.

3. Run a Contest

Running a contest is a great way to build an email list. But you’ll need to use a tab app to run it.
Timeline contests are free & easy to organize — but they don’t allow you to collect emails from your fans.
Tab apps do! And if you make fans compete for something they want, they’re much more likely to hand over their emails to enter the competition.
Malaysia Airlines ran this contest to collect emails from Facebook fans:
TIP:  try to incentivize fans to promote your contest to their friends.
You can do this by increasing their chances of winning (allowing more than one entry, for example) if they share the contest with their friends.

4. Run a Co-Promotion

This Facebook marketing technique involves partnering with another person or business to co-promote some kind of giveaway.
Gary Vaynerchuk crushed it with this method while promoting his new book.
He basically partnered with other companies & gave them a chance to get exposure while also promoting the book & providing prizes for fans.
So it’s a win for Gary, the partner company & the audience!


 5. Drive Traffic to your Website

My last tip involves driving traffic away from Facebook to your homepage or blog.
With the new news feed algorithm update, link posts have better reach than ever.
This means you have a better chance than ever to drive fans back to your website & collect their emails.
The best way to do this is to share well-written, valuable blogposts — and then have an email opt-in on your blog posts:
  • in the side bar
  • in a lightbox pop-up
We use this method on the Post Planner blog & get thousands of new subscribers every month!

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