Friday, March 14, 2014

SensitiviTees prints colorful graphic apparel That Tells it Like it Is and Keeps it Fun

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With SensitiviTees™ you can make sure that other people are sensitive to your child’s needs—with a little bit of lighthearted fun
mixed in.

SensitiviTees™ is a unique line of clothing for babies, toddlers, children, and adults that convey something special about the wearer that can be very helpful for others to know about. Through whimsical artwork and colorful “be sensitive” messages, the... SensitiviTees™ apparel line broadcasts your message and helps others be more understanding about potentially sensitive situations—from food allergies to new adoptions to same-sex relationships. A look at our website,, will show you why SensitiviTees™ is “the sharing caring clothing company.”

SensitiviTees grew out of our experiences dealing with our son’s allergies and our concerns about how to deal with this issue as he entered school. We were worried that teachers or school administrators would forget about his dairy-free dietary needs—after all, even our family forgets sometimes! Later on, he was diagnosed with celiac disease as well, which requires a gluten-free diet and made the situation even more important for us.

As moms who care deeply about helping other people become more sensitive to our son’s health and our need to maintain a strictly gluten-free household, we wanted to do everything possible to support him and support other families in the same situation. We decided there must be a solution to this dilemma—and for anyone dealing with celiac or food allergies—and in July 2010 SensitiviTees was born.

We understand from our own first-hand experience how hard it can be sometimes for parents to get the word out and hope that everyone around your children understands as well. With SensitiviTees you can make sure that other people are sensitive to your child’s needs regarding gluten-free eating, or wheat allergy, milk or dairy allergy, fish allergy, and peanut or nut allergy—with a little bit of lighthearted fun mixed in.

But it’s not only about what we think—we’d love to hear your great ideas for our graphic t-shirts for children and adults, so contact us with your suggestions.

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