Friday, November 1, 2013

4 Metrics to Measure Your Pinterest Marketing Success by Yo Noguchi

Pinterest is without a doubt one of the most powerful social media marketing tools for small businesses. According to comScore, Pinterest users spend more money and purchase more items than users on the other top social media sites. For these reasons alone, small businesses can’t afford to not have an active presence on Pinterest.

Until recently, it was difficult for Pinterest users to measure their success on the social media site. However, in early March, the site launched free analytics to all Pinterest users with a verified account.

This is huge news as it enables businesses to easily track in detail their growth and reach on Pinterest on a month-to-month basis. By visiting the analytics dashboard on your Pinterest account, you can learn all you need to know to successfully use Pinterest for your social media marketing.

Pinterest Metrics:
1. The daily average of the number of pins from your website as well as the average number of people who pin. Having access to this information and knowing what your customer base positively responds to can make a significant impact on your business’s content marketing strategy.

2. The daily average number of times that you business’s pins appear in Pinterest’s main feed. Not only will this help you to gauge the popularity of your pins, but will allow you to gain a better gauge of your reach on the social media site.

3. The daily average number of people that were exposed to your pins on Pinterest. While they may not have decided to repin you image, knowing this statistic helps you assess your reach on the site.

4. The average number of people that were directed to your website from clicking on a Pinterest pin. This information will help you to determine if the increase in your online visitors is attributed to your social media marketing efforts.
Hubspot shares this helpful formula for tracking your Pinterest reach and growth on a monthly basis.

Pinterest M/M Growth= (This Month’s Followers – Last Month’s Followers)/Last Month’s Followers

While there is still some valuable information left on the table, Pinterest’s introduction of analytics makes it much more user friendly for businesses to utilize the site for social media marketing purposes.

When you know what works and have data points to prove it, it’s much easier to get the most out of Pinterest. While tracking follower engagement on Pinterest isn’t as easy as it is on Facebook or Twitter, there are some very useful tools provided for free online to optimize your Pinterest experience.

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